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Safety & Security in Tanzania

Tanzania is, overall, a safe country to visit. This is even more so if your visit is primarily an organized safari. Almost a million tourists visit Tanzania every year and most visits are almost all trouble-free. There have been several terrorist attacks in the past, but the last one, where a hotel was bombed, was in 2002. Unfortunately, terrorism has become part of life and it is very difficult if not impossible, to safeguard against it. Fortunately, incidents are very rare and the chance of being a random victim is almost negligent. As with many third-world countries, theft and muggings are relatively common, but most incidents are in cities like Dar-es-Salaam and Arusha. Walking alone around the city is not recommended. An overnight stay at a reputable hotel or an organized visit to one of the many attractions in or around the city is fine.

As for all traveling abroad and in wildlife areas, we do advise these basic safety precautions:

… but at the same time don’t let a sense of paranoia ruin your holiday and remember that the vast majority of travellers in East Africa spend their time here suffering no great loss beyond the occasional and inevitable overcharging.

If you are unfortunate enough to become the victim of a mugging, remember that it’s your money that they’re after, so hand it over – you should be insured against such eventualities anyway. Report the crime as soon as possible to the police, who are generally quite helpful, particularly when the victim is a tourist. This will help to back up your claim from the insurers and may help to prevent further crimes against tourists in the future.

One more word of advice: in towns and cities it is a good idea (and in big cities such as Arusha, it’s pretty much essential) that you take a taxi after dark. Bad things happen at night, as a quick perusal of the Arusha Times always shows.

Government’s travel advice

Please you can use the links below for government’s travel advice on Kenya.


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